About Ratanakiri

Ratanakri became a province of Kingdom of Cambodia in 1960 under King Norodom Sihanouk’s reign. Banlung is the capital city of Ratanakiri, situated in the highland, along the National Road N*19 from ou’ porng Moan to the Vietnam border about 200km. ( ou’ porng Moan-Banlung is about 120km, Banlung-vietnam 80km)

Ratanakiri is situated on the north – east plateau, 636 km from Phnm Penh. It is bordering Vietnam on the east, Laos PDR on the North, Stung Treng on the west and Mondulkiri on the South. There are two river crossing the province ( Sre Pork and Se San River )

A sparsely populated province, it is renewed for its unique natural beauty and wealth of natural resources. The physical and environmental characteristic of the province forms and impressive range including undulating hills and mountains, a level plateau, watershed lowlands, crater lake, river and waterfalls. Forest cover varies from area to area, from the dense impenetrable forest in the northern reaches, which are still rich in wildlife, to drier and sparser forest, found in southwest. Similarly, the soil types present range from rich volcanic soil to the sandy soil found near rivers. Thus Ratanakiri province offers wonderful opportunities for Eco-tourism in Cambodia.

Minority people

They like to live in the jungle, hills, and mountains in small separated villages where they make their living through traditional ways of cultivation (shifting agriculture), hunting and collecting fruits, must from the forest. They believe in spirits, derived from their animism beliefs.